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  • Ten reasons why you should sign up for cyclo-biblio

    -  It takes place in France in 2014, next cyc4lib in France will return in 2034

    - 9 days of total language-immersion in English, German, Swedish, Russian, even Croatian or Romanian, and French of course !

    - while pedaling, you will chat so much that you won't feel the distances

    - it's a brand new culinary experience... can't tell too much, this is still in negotiation

    - you will meet strangers, then become friends on FB, and your FB page will look like the Babel Tower

    - all the media will cover the event and you might be a celebrity (on the radio, the French newspaper or the local TV)

    - not a librarian ? join us and you'll know why it's important advocating for libraries

    - you think it's only for young people ? there will be seniors too

    - you think it's only for seniors ? there will be juniors too

    - we'll also visit winery cellars, not only libraries

    - not yet convinced ? contact us

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